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GMD101D High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment (100mA)

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GMD101D High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment (100mA)



  1. New Molding Design,have all the aforesaid feature of the High-Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment. More higher KV and mAs, more applicable scope and better film effect.
  2. Rotary pillar, single arm support.
  3. Rotary pillar can 90 rotate, radiography location more easy and fast.
  4. Internally installed High Performance Large capacity charge battery, once charge can take about 200 photoes.
  5. The height is 2 meters, the machine is the lightest,smallest and easy moved and use in the same kind machines.


Power Output: 5.0KW
Frequency: 40KHZ
X-ray Tube : Fixed anode
Focus: 1.5mm
Tube Voltage: 40~120KV (interval 1KV)
Tube Current:
40~49KV   100mA   1~180 mAs
50~59KV   77mA   1~140 mAs
60~69KV   64mA   1~125 mAs
70~79KV   55mA   1~110 mAs
80~89KV   49mA   1~100 mAs
90~99KV   44mA   1~80 mAs
100~109KV   32mA   1~63 mAs
110~120KV   25mA 1~50 mAs
MAs : 1.0~180 mAs (46 steps)
Power Supply: 220V10% 50Hz inner-resistance=1.0O
Operation Method: Wire/Wireless control With a back-up battery
Packing Details : 1500mm750mm1850mm
N.W. 270kgs G.W.355kgs
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