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GMD2200 High Frequency Remote-Control Fluoroscopic Equipment

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GMD2200 High Frequency Remote-Control Fluoroscopic Equipment



  1. Using high-resolution image enhancement system, can reduce the dose, the doctor can clear room operation.
  2. With electric up and down movements, electric lateral movement, power rotation, to really realize people do not move while the machine move, safety and reliability.
  3. Ultimate resolution of the dynamic image 2.0LP/mm. Dynamic image without smearing.
  4. With the fluoroscopy KV / MA automatic tracking feature, the image brightness, sharpness automatically at its best.
  5. To achieve remote control of the operation, the maximum degree of protection from medical X-ray radiation effects, the patient doses significantly reduced.
  6. Hand brake and foot brake are two control modes, flexible switching, easy application.
  7. Programmable LCD with touch screen graphic, simple, elegant.
  8. Electric iris limited beam, which can be electric rotary, electric opening and closing, electric O-ring.
  9. With the microphone to convenient doctor compartment operation.


    This machine is suitable for human esophagus, chest and stomach, abdomen, limbs and other parts of the work of continuous fluoroscopy diagnosis.

Performance and Parameter

Category Item Contents
Fluoroscopy Capacity: Perspective max rated capacity Tube current 8 mA ,Tube voltage 120 kv
  Automatic Fluoroscopy Tube voltage: 40kV~120kV , adjust automatically
Tube current :0.3mA~4mA .adjust automatically
  Manual Fluoroscopy Tube voltage 40 kv,110kv, continuous
Tube current :0.3mA~~4mA continuous
  Pulse frequence Tube voltage 40kV~120kV, continuous
Tube current : 4.1mA~8mA continuous
X ray tube: X ray tube special for High frequency Dual focus fixed anode x-ray tube: large focus:1.5, small focus: 0.3; High Frequency PowerSupply , Main inverter frequency :60KHZ, thermal capacity :35KJ(47Khu) Tube thermal capacity 460KJ(613KHU)
Video system: Image Intensifier Toshiba 9 "Image Intensifier (230mm)
  Video camera Ultra-low-light digital camera for medical A / D digits/ 12bit
  Monitor Centre resolution greater than 1000 lines,field frequency 75Hz
  Central control High definition progressive scan output mode, multi-level noise reduction, multiple images stored; image vertical, horizontal image flip, positive and negative turn; LIH (last frame of the image to freeze)
Structure: Column Vertical lifting range: = 880mm focal screen distance: 1000mm
  Examine table Lateral movement range: = 180mm;
chassis 360 electrical rotation
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