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GMD6000 high frequency digital X-ray system

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GMD6000 high frequency digital X-ray system



  • Base the optimization principle to produce, excellent config of whole system, satisfy clinical personalized requirement,
  • Latest technology of high frequency mainframe, digital image collection, gain the high quality image easily,
  • Show friendly operation interface directly, excellent operation system, make then operation more conveniently and easy to understand,
  • Multiple safety control, make the image quality and radiation dose to achieve organic balance,
  • Strong function of digital image processing, overall compatible with DICOM network application.


    Gastrointestinal fluoroscopy/radiography, gastrointestinal examination, chest radiography, head and whole body bone radiography, gastrography, Esophagography, Myelography, Arthrography, cholangiography, bronchography, venography, angiography, urography, hysterosalpingography, Pediatric Radiology, treat application of several intervention radiology

Performance and Parameter

Category Item Contents
Power supply Voltage 380V38V
  Frequency 50Hz1Hz
  Capacity =65kVA
  Inner resistance =0.17O
Digital X-ray High voltage system Power 50KW
  Radiography Tube voltage   40kv150kv adjustable
Tube current   10mA630mA adjustable
Exposure time   1.0s6300ms adjustable
Control panel   LCD touch screen
  Fluoroscopy Tube voltage   40kv125kv interval 2kv as per adjustment, continuous adjustment

Tube current   0.5mA6mA continuous adjustment
Digital controlled X-ray tube (Made by Toshiba) Model E7252
  Large focus / small focus 1.2mm /0.6mm
  Anode heat content 210KJ
  Speed of rotary anode 2700rpm
Microcomputer digital controlled remoted control surgical bed equipped with upper positioned X-ray tube Bed moving range 90~0~-25
Bed transversal travel range 110mm
Longitudinal travel for pillar and spot film device =720mm
SID 1100 mm1500 mm
Plateholder size 8"10" 14"17"
Spot film segment mode Full film, half plate, third plate, quarter plate
Controlled method for surgical bed Remote control, bed control,frequency soft start & soft stop
beam limiting device Motorized & muti-blade
Stationary bucky grid Grid density 103L/INCH?Grid ratio 10:1 focus distance 120cm fixed 15"18"
Digital video system Image intensifier Toshiba 9 inch
  High resolution CCD (digital camera) Ultra-low luminosity, 0.47 MEGA PIXELS
  Monitor 14 high definition medical monitor, Horizontal 1000 lines and vertical 800 lines, bandwidth 12.5mHz, 50bit, Image/sec:25
  Digital image processing system
(CCU central control)
Scan line by line, NR=8, 8 image storage, LIH(last image freeze), horizontal image and vertical image can be overturned, positive & negative image, OSD (displayed by monitor)
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